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The Institute for Museums & Library Sciences recently conducted a study that found that partnerships between museums and schools have increased by 70% over the past five years. Museums understand the importance of curriculum alignment by developing programs that support curriculum standards.
The Mebane Historical Museum
Overview: Our collections speak volumes.
...listen, and you can hear history
MHM is Mebane’s largest repository of the city’s history. Artifacts, photo/film collections, and documents that tell the tale of Mebane’s past are found in the Museum’s exhibits and galleries. Recent additions are Roots paintings from the Alex Haley family and extensive artifacts from Mebane’s railway past.
Mission Statement
MHM’s mission is to collect and preserve material culture so as to provide exhibits, presentations and events that are educational and interactive.
Upcoming Exhibits
The Museum’s new exhibits and schedule for display are coordinating carefully with the Education Team so that school programs will be produced to accompany exhibitions. As the Museum develops its upcoming exhibit on the culture of tobacco in Mebane’s past, a program specific to middle-school students will explore the differences between an agricultural existence that was once the norm with the “town living” that most of Mebane experiences today.
Team Education
Programs and Initiatives

MHM’s team of educators is actively working to meet formal education curriculum standards as well as promote the objectives of informal educational organizations and collectives.

“Hands on History” is a concept for younger students with a presentation of Mebane’s historical timeline told through the use of artifacts that can be handled. The interactive element of this program allow students to discover the original use of the item, how it related to Mebane’s history and what has replaced it today.

Studying the miniature buildings and landscapes created by Mebane’s own Milton McDade excites children’s imaginations. Building their own models teaches the importance of documenting our ever-changing community and how to see our surrounding environment.

Whether paralleling Mebane’s history to North Carolina State history or learning about the immediate community, MHM wants to assist area educators reach their mandated goals.

MHM is avidly continuing the legacy of the old school building it calls home by becoming an essential part of area students’ educational experience. Access to the Museum’s unique collections ensures that Mebane’s history will live ...through teaching.

Interested in scheduling a visit or learning more about the educational opportunities at the Mebane Historical Museum? Please contact the museum during operational hours to speak with staff or a member of the Education Team.
We look forward to assisting you with your educational goals.

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